Pramod Group Showcases A New Collection of Living Rooms

It is rightly said that every house narrates a story. And amongst all the rooms in a house, it’s the living room that often speaks to the owner’s personality and their living experiences. Which is why the designers at Pramod Group devote time to study a client’s lifestyle before arriving at specific concepts for the interiors. The concepts or themes are then turned into artistic imprints to define spaces that evoke individuality, warmth and elegance. This layered approach to designing richly detailed interiors that speak eloquently for the owners is being showcased by a new collection of living rooms unveiled by them.

The thoughtful yet luxurious collection features accessories with metallic finishes, especially gold. Textured cushions add an art deco touch to an otherwise contemporary living room conceived in a natural beige palette. A lavish seating configuration is held together by a carpet in geometric pattern in a way to encourage conversation. Contemporary table lamps and a bug wall art in gold add a touch of sophistication, while becoming talking points.

Another contemporary living room comes fitted with luxurious sofas, a classic carpet and a luxuriant chandelier hanging in a corner. Cane chairs extend an old-world allure to the setting, rich details reminiscent of a bygone era are added by vintage sculptures, while table lamps bring a touch of period charm. The bust and head sculptures, on the other hand, introduce a definite Roman flair into this quintessential Indian living room.

Pramod Group has established itself as a trusted name in luxury interiors over the past 36 years, offering bespoke turn-key solutions. From design to interior decoration, their end-to-end services highlight thoughtful space planning and refined aesthetics. Vaastu-compliant and sustainable interiors are the hallmarks of their richly crafted residential projects, while their bouquet of services include architectural and landscape design as well. A holistic approach of combining timeless design with contemporary ethos reflective of global aesthetics has designated them as an aspirational brand.