Play of Sciography

Project: Design Studio, Nashik, Maharashtra

Architects: Synectics Architects, Nashik, Maharashtra

At the entrance, there are engendered levels that have several elements that bring about a dramatic ambience– a mannequin, emerging out from the clay brick wall creating a sense of freedom of design (out- of-the-box thinking).

Several architectural terminologies are carved in CNC, MS materials and placed at the top of the main pathway in different calibres. These are painted in rudimental pastel colours engendering an element of the cerebrations of the mannequin (a free soul) which is protruding from the wall. The brick is withal having a 3D illusion effect. The south-facing thermally insulated clay bricks engender a play of sciography around the day time.

As one approaches towards informal waiting area, a traditional par (pavement for subsisting tree) has been placed in great pattern for a subsisting ficus glomerata tree. In short, this element serves as informal seating for the visitors and staff. The remaining flooring pattern in the waiting area has desultory handmade tiles which altogether gives a soothing effect in this space. The subsisting tree trunks are been woven with colourful threads, which ignites the overall space accordingly.

The waiting area and the spill-over dining space for the main cabin are covered by 12mm toughened glass having a desultory leaf pattern on it. This pattern engenders a resplendent play of sciography of the leaves around the day imparting a feeling of seating underneath a tree.

Architectural typography with all the inspirational quotes cognate to art and architecture is carved out on an 8mm thick MS sheet and juxtaposes in such a way that it projects a beautiful and artistic partition between the informal waiting and the main cabin spill-over space. The partition has sundry layers that give a three-dimensional effect to the overall two-dimensional composition. At times it acts as an inspirational wall in the waiting area.

The main entrance door is approached by the ghat pattern stairs which are perpetuated from the entrance gate. The front facade has a colourful stain glass divest which invites the daylight inside and artificial lighting at night outside engendering a dramatic play of light and shadow inside and outside. Here, the main door has rudimental wooden divest carving with a rustic bamboo handle giving an exordium of beauty in minimalism.

The reception walls have a show board of consummated works and perpetual projects with a staircase inviting towards the main studio. Here, the staircase access has an arbitrary architectural sketch which forms an inspirational passage for the entire passers-by. The ceiling again has a cylindrical wooden block placed in levels which acts as rustic chandelier acting as the attraction centre. From reception, one is guided towards the main cabin and the
pantry and toilet area. The ceiling over here is absolutely plain with a desultory groove for profile lighting which is protruded from the lines of a desultory pattern of stained glass divest.

One is invited again by a bamboo handle which is an ingenious handshake. The main cabin has a rustic flooring. The entrance wall has a collage of arbitrary wooden blocks which are chamfered at 45. The arbitrary collage creates a beautiful illusionary effect from all angles.

The ceiling has a different story altogether, desultory blocks/divests are hanged from the ceiling which is having arbitrary shapes and levels. This pattern engenders an impression of the human brain having desultory thoughts that are flowing for a creative idea. The illuminated blocks engender an impression of ignited ideas/ thoughts creating a different ambience in the main cabin environment.

A minuscule niche behind the table engenders a space for the library which again has a free-flowing arbitrary pattern on the wall. The ceiling has a collage of desultory blocks to the ceiling engendering an impression of desultory ideas dropping from above. The main cabin has a spill-over space for dining and recreational area.

The conference room is designed at the second level. Here all the walls and furniture have a rudimentary grey shade with an illuminated profile by a customized chandelier. The main table has again a sketch printed on
it which is an impression of creative thought. A wardrobe element has been introduced in the subsisting niche herein the conference to break the monotony of the grey wall.

This is designed on the third level having a bamboo handle door creating a handshake. Here all the walls and floors have a rudimental grey tone giving an impression of a focused mindset. A simplified ledge acts as a workstation with a rustic overhead storage design which is composed of two different materials. The overhead storage is designed to have an MS cage with wooden blocks engendering a comely composition altogether.

The ceiling here narrates a different story, it is cladded with black canvas structures with some inspirational and sketches of all the famous architects across the globe. It also has some imaginary dreams of an architect’s mind. All the sketches have a blend of black and white colours. This ceiling has become a healer to every blocked mind while working in the studio, in short, this is an inspirational ceiling altogether.

The remaining part of the studio has a skylight that ignites the overall ambience of space in the daytime and at the same time acts as an energy preserver. The window has a colourful curtain of typography which breaks the monotony of the grey shade in this space. All the wooden elements used are strictly recycled scrap wood. The south wall is cladded with the clay bricks which acts as an insulator on the heat load in the daytime as well as creating a beautiful composition in the exterior.

The washroom is designed uniquely. Here all walls are been cladded with customized Spain-made tiles which has a desultory stroke of sketches with a ceiling which has a desultory block placed at different levels. Here all lighting aids create a dramatic ambience in this space. It requires the practicality of office space design, with the flexibility of the architect that not only inspires creativity but also fosters the client’s vision into the subconscious of the inhabitants– whether semi-permanent such as the employees, or transitionary or temporary such as the clients who visit.

Photo credit: Yasar Curtay

Client: Synectics Architects

Principal architects: Dhananjay Pawar & ID Priyanka Pawar Design team: Aditya Gaikwad, Darshana Motkari, Rima Gaikwad, Vrushali Kulkarni, Sakshi Deshmukh & amp; Saloni Thorat

Consultants: Deltacom Structural Nashik (Structural)

Contractors: M/s Rajesh Chauhan (Civil), M/s Kedar Chavan (Electrical)

Project area: 1600sq ft

Project estimate: 40,00,000

Year of completion: 2019