Imaginative industrial architecture at the Perto Industrial Facility

Project: Perto Industrial Facility, Jaipur

Architects: C P Kukreja Architects 

Perto is a leading Brazilian Multinational Corporation which is also the fifth largest ATM manufacturer in India. When the company decided to build its first factory in the country, the company wanted to retain the architectural character of its facilities in Brazil. Following the client brief, the aim was to create an industrial architecture that elevates the architectural quality to an attractive ensemble of built forms rather than unimaginative industrial boxes. For a project that relies heavily on ergonomics and functionality, a band of exposed bricks on the lower edge of the building was laid which is similar to the company’s headquarters in Gravatai, Brazil. Despite the project belonging to an industrial facility, the aesthetics as well as the functionality for the complex’s design were given equal dues.

The project is first in India which is entirely galvanised rather than painted. Galvanising the building complex establishes uniformity in the finish of the design throughout the site whilst also protecting the steel from rusting, considering the extreme weather conditions at the site. The project is steel-intensive with the material being used to the best of its testing abilities. It uses steel members laid out in a 20x10m grid with a hung load of 100kg. It is fabricated with double profile troughed pre-coated sheeting with a total coated thickness of 0.5mm. The structures in the facility are Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB) that uses built-up sections instead of rolled sections for added strength. The bold red tinted roof of the docking yard clad in ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel) was used to break the monotony of the otherwise disciplined architecture of the project.

The design fuses elements like pergolas and the rhythmically arranged slender columns, and carefully placed and intimately sized courtyards which create a play of light and shadow. These features are implemented as a response to the hot and dry desert climate of Jaipur. They also act as buffer areas providing breathing spaces between the steel buildings. The prismatic roof lights ensure the buildings have access to diffused natural daylight at all times. All buildings have forced draft ventilation to ensure adequate air circulation.

The building’s simplicity and grace was left to define the design, with the use of low maintenance, sleek finishes, bold, contrasting colours and a strictly functional cubic form. Steel’s versatility, ease of use, durability and appealing look make it a popular building material which made it an ideal fit for the project. Not only is it an elegant material, its tensile strength and long life make it the best option for any industrial venture that requires such long spans. With bold lines and a confident colour palette, the project is a testimony to smart and sustainable architecture for an industrial design.

Site area: 18 Acres

Built-up Area: 6 lakh sq ft

Year of completion: 2017