How to Play Dominoes


Dominoes are small rectangular tiles that are used for games and puzzles. They are traditionally made of ivory or bone. However, there are other materials available for dominoes, such as plastic. They can be placed in various positions, and they are also sometimes used to create patterns.

There are different types of dominoes, with two common varieties being the European and the Chinese style. Generally, European-style dominoes are carved out of dark hardwoods, such as ebony. The backs of the dominoes are typically blank, and they are marked with spots that show the arrangement of pips on the face.

To play a domino game, you draw the number of pieces you need for the game. If you don’t have enough, you can draw from the unused tiles. You then mix up your pieces and place them on the table. A player takes turns adding and subtracting pieces from the platform, and you alternately extend your line of play.

You can start the game by playing the first tile, which is usually a double-six. You then place a second tile on your side, which is either a 6-5 or a 5-5. This makes the end of the chain of dominoes open for the next player. If you aren’t playing a double, you can also lay a tile to your right, so that it is perpendicular to the first double.

If you’re playing a traditional Sino-European domino set, you’ll need 28 dominoes. Some versions allow you to join tiles together to all four sides. In some cases, the tile is blank on both sides, and you can place the domino in any direction. Other versions are similar to a Mexican train, where the tiles are arranged in a zigzag pattern.

If you’re playing a skillful domino game, you’ll be playing in pairs or fours. The objective is to get to a certain number of points. You’ll get a point for each domino in your hand that is divisible by five or three. You can also score a point if the number of pips on your domino is the same as the number of pips on your opponent’s domino.

If you’re playing a more basic Western game, you’ll have to draw from the double-six set. A set of eight dominoes can be played by four players. In this type of game, each player draws seven tiles. Then, each player draws a lead piece, which is the highest-total-pip count of all the tiles in the set. The lead piece is then used as the “tiebreaker” in the event of a tie.

In the Western style of dominoes, players are not allowed to duplicate their own tiles. They only have a few exceptions, which include the double-nine, double-twelve, and double-18 sets. These are the most common sets, and they’re the easiest to play. Unlike Chinese dominoes, which are more ornate, these sets lack the traditional Chinese suit distinctions.

In the French version of the game, the dominoes were made of ivory. French prisoners of war brought the game to England, and it was introduced into the United States and Britain by the mid-18th century. Eventually, the game spread to France and southern Germany.

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