Collaborating Creativity

Project: OTIS Office, Bengaluru
Architects: Symmetrics Development Services Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru

When a company that constantly thrives to develop solutions that are ‘Made to Move You’ gives you about 40,000 sqft of space to create a modern-day workspace, where do you start? In a day and age, where we constantly talk about collaboration, agility and sustainability, achieving all of it in one unique office is a challenge that the architects took head- on, as it was decided to go back to the drawing board. The approach was to achieve ‘we over I’. The office is the brainchild of the collective efforts of the architects in achieving a modern- day design idiom that delivers sharper focus on productivity and success. The workspace design is a case study of the inevitable link between a workplace and the success of the people inhabiting it. It also encourages and emerges as a space that enables a culture of collaboration, control, creation and competence.

A millennial employee needs more than just a desk to get into a productive headspace. The design for the office is built around this insight of keeping one on the ‘move’; it shuns the orthodoxy of cubicles and delivers an impactful combination of ‘hot-desking’, ‘activity-based workspaces’ and ‘agile working’ methodologies. The open yet intimate environment enables spontaneity, communication, collaboration and efficiency at every level, consequently resulting in individual and collective success.

The office offers an exhaustive option/ style of settings for the employee to choose from. Focusing on progress over perfection, it allows every individual to accomplish everyday objectives—simple or complex—as well as long-term goals, without having to scamper for the right environment. The workspace offers a host of options; be it a focus pod for short-term individual focus work, work booths and spaces for collaborative discussions and conversations, high tables for a change in posture now and then, or phone booths for individual conference calls.

Even as the workspace intuitively creates a conducive environment for improved productivity and success, it addresses the dichotomy between the need of an introvert for ‘alone time’ and an extrovert’s need for open conversations. These needs are likely to change every hour, and the workspace ensures that no employee has to trade-off one benefit over another. From the materials used that ensure acoustics is optimized and soft seating that makes sure comfort is available at every nook and corner of the office, this office space is an all-encompassing base of positivity and productivity. Not to forget the moss walls brought in all the way from Denmark which is a testament to the dedication of the company towards building a sustainable and green office. The elements of biophilia speckled across the office; be it the use of wood or the cobblestone flooring enhances the connection with nature, helping employees to refresh and reboot.

While the colour palette for the workspace has been discerningly created from the company’s brand colours, the office is speckled with branding that serves to instil a sense of pride of being an employee of the firm. From the trivia about the company’s breadth of experience to micro-stories about its legacy, one only needs a quick walk across the office floor to learn about the company’s story.

Area: 42,197sq ft
Total work seats: 333 (Normal: 254, ABW: 71) Cafeteria seats: 103
Meeting room seats: 115
Year of completion: 2018