Webinar on the need to adopt sustainably sourced lumber

The demand for wood in housing continues to rise even as the forests continue to dwindle. India too is no stranger to this phenomenon, with an ever-increasing requirement for wood in applications such as joinery, furniture, doors and windows, millwork, structural applications such as roofing and more. This demand places extensive pressures on domestically available tree species, whose supplies have been dwindling due to reduced forest cover and conservation laws. Hence, the need of the hour is to adopt and accept wood species that are certified and responsibly sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Canadian Wood, or FII India, is one such agency that promotes the forest products of British Columbia, Canada in offshore markets. It has been actively engaged in educating the Indian wood industry about the various species under its umbrella, through different initiatives, hand holding at the ground level and connecting the industry with lumber companies in B.C., Canada. Continuing with these efforts even in the pandemic era, Canadian Wood has been conducting numerous webinars on relevant topics, such as best practices in manufacturing furniture, doors, windows, use of wood for architecture and more.

Talking about the webinars, Pranesh Chhibber, Country Director, FII said, “FII decided early-on to reach out to its target audience through a series of webinars… This has helped us stay engaged with our stakeholders in India in line with our commitment to share knowledge and expertise.” The recent webinar titled ‘Certified wood from sustainably managed forests’ was the sixth in the series and attended by reputed manufacturers, interior designers, architects, builders and developers from across India.

A key presentation at the webinar included an in-depth information session on the sustainable forestry management practices in B.C. that ensure that every piece of Canadian lumber is legally sourced and certified. It was delivered by Nirmala Thomas, Director – Market Development, FII who said, “As the wood working industry grows increasingly eco-conscious and so does the end consumer, Canadian wood species present themselves as seasoned, graded, sized, almost ready-to-use lumber that is a definite responsible choice while considering building with wood.’ Another presentation by Arun Kumar Bansal, Chairperson PCA WG NCCF (NCCF-PEFC), elaborated on the intensive mechanism of chain of custody certification, which can help ensure the traceability of wood material from a certified forest to any point along the supply chain.

The webinar may be viewed at https://youtu.be/dQjHpIznFNg