UV-Powered Solutions by Voltas to Combat Coronavirus

Rising up to the challenge of aiding in the fight against the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Voltas has launched a new line of Ultraviolet Light or UVC-based surface disinfectant solutions. These come in addition to the engineered UVC-based air and duct disinfectant solutions that the industry leader has been offering its consumer for several years now. The new bouquet of four products has been developed in collaboration with their engineering partner—the Canada-based Ruks Engineering Limited, and addresses the survival of the novel coronavirus on various surfaces.

Among the fresh launches, the RUKS CoiloTron is a clean and modern cooling coil that ensures near 100% elimination of endotoxins and pathogens on coil, thereby reducing allergy symptoms and other indoor air related illnesses. The high uniform UVC dose on the cooling coil penetrates deep down the rows for effective killing of bacteria, mold, fungi and other microbes. The coil also improves heat transfer efficiency by up to 20%, resulting in reduced energy consumption that makes it environment-friendly as well.

Next in the new line is the RUKS GermiTron Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) System that can kill 90% of bacteria and virus per pass. This indoor air quality and bactericidal management system has a scientifically proven design with computerised selections to assure delivery of specified or target kill rate. Custom designed to suit airflow and duct size, the RUKS GermiTron is an environment-friendly, easy and quick lamp change that doesn’t operate at ultra-low wavelengths and thus, prevents ozone production. And since all the wetted parts are made of stainless steel, it is appropriate to be used in hospitals and food processing facilities too.

To address the concerns about the lifespan of the Covid-19 virus on different surfaces, the HandHeld disinfection unit has been designed for rapid sanitisation of any surface. Lightweight and portable, the 3 ft-long unit can be moved easily and close to any target surface—whether it’s a raised, recessed or angled surface, for full coverage. With a Covid-19 kill rate of 99.9% when the target surface is within six inches of the UV lamps for a duration of one second, the HandHeld system can also be used on food at recommended exposure.

Lastly, the UV Cart System is designed to deliver high germicidal intensity that is adequate to sanitise an area and inactivate the microorganisms in a short time. Fitted with multiple UVGI fixtures in one frame to ensure deep penetration over surfaces, this product can disinfect walls, ceilings and floors in one movement, while saving time and costs with minimum to no periodic maintenance needs either.