Time is not static and neither is the journey of life

Text by: Prof Charanjit Shah, Principal Founder, Creative Group

Time is not static and neither is the journey of life. Living in the present moment creates a pleasant history of the past which is ultimately the by product for your future. The manifestations of your thoughts result into actions which translate into the achievements of your career. My five decades of legacy, perhaps looks upon a talk of yesterday but I am proud to say that this long period through many ups and downs, high and low tides, challenges and achievements, has proudly created great memorable history to reckon with. Creative Group has grown moving from pillar to post acclaiming today as front line consultancy providing A to Z holistic consultancy in architecture, engineering and management.

The second volume of Architecture+Design exclusively on Creative Group, first in March 2013 and now in December 2019 is an honour and a pleasant moment of achievement for the Creative Group family.

I would like to express my humble tribute to my parents, who have provided me with basic education and the sanskaar wherein I have been able to achieve this height in excellence in architecture. My grooming was with economic con- straints, being born in a refugee camp struggling in hardships for survival.

I am also indebted to my teachers and faculty at the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi namely Ar Raj Rewal, Ar A P Kanvinde, Ar Jasbir Sachdev and Prof Jabhwala who were instrumental in shaping my career in architecture. I am also solely thankful to my Guru who has blessed me with the basic un- derstanding of spirituality which enhances your understanding the oneness of humanity. I wish that this legacy of 50 years continues further through the very able and dynamic Ar Gurpreet Singh Shah, an urban designer, and later also by the third generation as well, keeping the flag high of Creative Group– thus ambitiously celebrating 100 years of its international acknowledgment and rec- ognition as one of the key players in sustainable human settlements by Astuj Singh and Kavann Singh, my grandsons. Perhaps both of them are tuned to the language of architecture, which has now become our mother tongue.

I humbly acknowledge the love and adoration of my fellow professionals and am lucky to be celebrating Creative Group’s golden jubilee owing to the blessing by Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The greatest gift of Guru to Creative Group is the creation of Terminal Building at Dera Baba Nanak for the Kartarpur Cor- ridor Project, an opportunity offered to design and execute this international landmark of peace, harmony and unity of two neighbouring countries, India and Pakistan; perhaps the beginning of the breaking of Berlin wall between the two nations which were one initially.