The Aanya Holiday Villa designed by Cane Boutique

Project: Aanya Villa, Bengaluru

Architects: Cane Boutique, Bengaluru

The sprawling 7000sq ft holiday home is set amidst the natural surroundings on the outskirts of the buzzing city of Bangalore. For the clients there’s nothing more important than spending quality time close to nature, in a space that is an extension of their interests. Their home is ‘custom-made’; each piece/ area has been created with a lot of thought and finesse, yet making the space as a whole flow into each other to create a complete retreat. The style followed is luxury interiors with Asean hues, creating a one-of-its-kind space that pleases the eye.

The exterior of the house is quiet straight lined and minimal with the use of stone cladding, large windows and step out decks. The house is spread over two floors– the living, dining, bar, Buddha courtyard, mandir, kitchen comprising the ground floor and a Jacuzzi room, kid’s bedroom, master bedroom and the family room on the first floor. The ground floor follows an open plan making the space look really large. The first thing to catch the eyes is a customised serene Buddha face mounted on the double height wall. It is a statement that one can see from all around the house, complimented with a fish pond, a firangi paani tree and the natural light from the glass ceiling. One will surely not forget the serene expressions of the Buddha and the vibes this adds to the space.

The integral part of this floor is natural light, while designing, the direction of the sun rays were observed during different times of the day, the walls where the rays fall during the day is treated in different materials like stone, brick and wooden strips, which add to the design and create a drama of light and play.

The ground floor living room is large with contemporary seaters, a stone clad wall and a flight of contemporary stairs at one end. This area also houses a billiards table and a distressed bar where the couple likes to entertain, all these spaces look out into the beautiful scenery from the large glass windows, which slide open during social gatherings making the indoors connect with the outdoor deck space, forming a larger area for entertainment. The dining area is a fusion of styles and materials, the brick wall, a stunning 14’ long solid log wood table which is complimented with a French panelling and side board. This area also has a panelled mandir door; since the house is so open the architects wanted the door to speak for itself and blend in with the interiors. It was custom-designed using different motifs and finishes to form a character of its own.

Since the family enjoys their ‘me-time’ as much as socialising, each space can be used to relax, read a book, watch the birds outside, sip on a hot cup of tea and just adore the space. The first floor is more of a family area, designed keeping it rather simple and low on maintenance and care. The contemporary stairs lead to the first floor, housing the master bedroom with a poster bed and the kids’ room with two single beds, large dressers and baths are attached to these spaces. The family room and the Jacuzzi room are also on this floor following a simple design for their personal space.

Photo credit: Anand Jaju


Designer: Ritu Todi

Client: Ravi and Pavani Reddy

Contractors: Structural and Civil – Bee hive Studio, Bengaluru

Built-up area: 7000sq ft

Year of completion: 2018