Mimicking a Garden

The newly opened Ca’Leoni restaurant at Forli, Italy, has brought to its visitors an indoor ‘permanent garden’. The collaboration between the restaurant owner Dannis Leoni, restaurant architect and Momenti founders Alexander and Matteo Bagnai, has resulted in a restaurant interior that mimics a garden. Using its evocative wall and product coverings, Momenti designed the interiors of the restaurant to spectacular effects.

All wall and product coverings were made with tecno fibre printed with graphics from the Nature and Shapes collection.  To realize the vision of a ‘permanent garden’, earthy browns and greens in varying hues were chosen for the tecno fibre. The realistic imagery on the walls transformed the interiors into a surreal space by the woods. The table tops have been covered in botanical motifs adding to the verdant atmosphere. Natural wood and woven planters further enhance the natural appeal.

“Greenery and eco-friendliness were at the centre of this project,” shares Alexander Bagnai, the co founder of Momenti, “so the idea of a permanent garden was an inevitable choice.”

“Momenti’s ability to customize the space to realize the underlying vision is its biggest strength. A strong visual identity that creates a truly distinct space is a natural outcome of Momenti’s design process,” adds Ashok Basoya, founder of Ottimo. With its philosophy of incorporating art into interiors through various elements like wallpaper and furniture, Momenti has artfully brought the outdoors in, at this typical, quaint Italian restaurant.

Momenti, the Italian custom-design company offers tailor-made designs for the entire living environment (from floor to wall coverings, furniture to accessories and artworks, and are brought to India by Ottimo).