Mandalay Hall, Kochi reopened its doors for art enthusiast

Mandalay Hall, Kochi’s very own art hotel, recently reopened its doors for art enthusiast with Vol. 2 of its signature Art Residency and Exhibitions. Nestled in cobbled by-lanes of Mattancherry, Mandalay Hall is a landmark building in the once residential Jewish quarters. Inspired by the history and beauty of the heritage structure, the hotel is crafted with an unforgettable experience bridging Kochi’s past and present.

Mandalay Hall is a 200-year-old building, which now operates as a luxury hotel with a focus on art. The five suite rooms or ‘Galleries’ of the Mandalay Hall Concept Hotel host immersive installations created by different artists who are invited by a chosen curator. This year the Vol.2 of the residency is curated by the internationally acclaimed artist Bose Krishnamachari and features talented young malayalee artists such as Anju Acharya and Dibin Thilakan. In the unique, one month residency both the artists stayed in one of the hotel’s luxury rooms, each of which served as an immersive three-dimensional canvas that they transformed with their creative vision.

Anju Acharya created an artwork on the theme ‘My body and the Birth of my Child’ for the hotel gallery. The theme represents the journey of motherhood through the series of images portraying the nine months of experience; the journey which is the becoming. On the other hand, Dibin Thilakan curated ‘Ode to Home’ a series of works in different mediums where home plays the centre subject. This provides a unique opportunity for lovers of art to live inside the installation and in that sense be a part of it. The installations in the rooms are site-specific and temporal, lasting only for two years, after which a new set of artists and designers take-over the space.

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