Ethereal Version of Traditional Chinese

Dragon Mountain Pavilion is an installation by French architect Aurelien Chen (based in China) at
Rizhao Zhulong Shan, Shandong, China. This 350sq m installation recreates an ethereal and abstract version
of a traditional Chinese landscape. The installation is a landmark to draw the attention to the entrance
of the Dragon Mountain Natural site (Zhulong Shan), composed by the mountains, forest, clouds and water. The perforations on the mirror panels create an interplay of light and shadow marking the passing of time.


Photo credit: Aurelien Chen

Architect and project lead: Aurelien Chen; Overall planning: Urban and rural planning and design institute of CSCEC

Design support: Zhijian Workshop, Zhou Zhipeng (parametric design); Client: Rizhao FaDa JiTuan