Energy-Efficient Design

This was a challenging and yet exciting project. Architects can design energy- efficient, socially responsive buildings implying that the building can be both sensitive to its location as well as the culture that has shaped it.

The design philosophy is derived from the elements of Indian architecture lending to the institutional nature of the project. The forms used are shaped by climate. Shading courtyards, water bodies and breeze funnels encourage the use of outdoors even in the hotter months and thus energising the spaces.

The monumental steps create a pedestrian zone under the veil shade of the super structure. The design language of the interior attempts to build a brand for Nasscom. Use of colours and graphics juxtaposed against a monochromatic background make the space vibrant.


PROJECT: Nasscom HQ, Noida

ARCHITECTS: Designplus (DPA), Gurugram


Design team: Sohrab Dalal, Sonali Bhagwati, Prashant Arora, Ashish Gupta

Consultants: M/s ENERSAVE (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Interior, HVAC); DPA (Interior); M/s Constructure (Structural); Designcel (Landscape)

Built-up area: 90,000sq ft Cost of project: Rs 38 crore Year of completion: 2015