An Unconventional Architect

Former chief architect of the Delhi Development Authority, M N Khullar recently passed away. After leading a steadfast role as the chief architect of the public undertaking– The Delhi Development Authority, he energetically participated in the private sector in the development of housing and sports infrastructure.

He has been the bedrock of the firm Enar Consultants with his tremendous experience, especially in the housing and sport infrastructure sectors. Architect Khullar is known for transforming basic brick and mortar into extraordinary spaces with an in-depth knowledge and extensive expertise in the realm of architecture and design. His professional enterprise visualizes, ideates and implements residential, commercial and industrial projects that redefine a particular area’s architectural landscape at large. It has the know-how to cater to a diverse set of industries spanning hospitality, education, healthcare, IT and retail. Each architectural project his firm undertakes employs a dedication to design excellence, efficient delivery and sophistication in building technology