An Orchestrated Form

Project: Atulya IT Park, Indore

Architects: Nine Squares Architects, Indore

The project is planned to be a prominent business address for entrepreneurs. While the building view changes dynamically along the road, one marvels at the balance maintained throughout. The podium, with its softly filleted edges, provides a proportionate base to the towers sitting above. Uniting the two tower wings is the centrally placed circulation core— a grand statement in exposed concrete work with glass slits. All components remain true to their individual purpose, while holding hands to create an aesthetic whole. As one looks up, the podium with its artistically placed fenestration and the tower with its blue tinted glass and louvered fins, together seem to form a beautifully orchestrated instrument. The façade treatment emerges as an aesthetic response to the functions lying within.

As one enters the complex, a gracefully curving band guides one gently towards the entrance. A passage taking people to the top of the podium gets transformed into a piano simply by the play of light, tempting one to ripple the keys while walking by. Going through the complex, one discovers there’s much more to it than meets the eye. As the built form aligns itself cardinally to achieve the best orientation, the resultant spaces are gobbled up by water bodies and green areas, eager to do their bit towards improving the microclimate.

The inhabitants of this refreshing workspace are greeted daily by the central green courtyard– the lung of the complex, complete with its gazebo. Traversing up and down the eight levels, one catches sight of green terraces cascading down happily. Apause on the connecting bridges, looking up at the blue sky and down at the techies doing the same, one muses.

While the environmentalists cry themselves hoarse about urban complexes eating away
the greens, the architect gives them back to the city, many times multiplied. In fact, the IT park has been designed for GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) rating. Many techniques have been put into place to achieve the same: The central courtyard helps in passive cooling, welcoming the south-west winds with open arms. This helps in the reduction of outdoor temperature, thereby resulting in lesser cooling loads. It is predicted that the regularly occupied spaces would enjoy more than 50% of area in daylight for most of the days in a year. Maximum glazing has been taken on the north facade of the building while east and south faces have been equipped with optimized louvers .The western façade has minimum openings. Aerobrise louvers contribute majorly towards visual appeal in the elevation, while serving their function. These fins have been designed to fulfil the norms for shading while maximizing visibility to its occupants for increased productivity. Healthy environmental benefits are a happy by-product. Built with autoclaved aerated concrete block masonry work, semi-unitized system of structural glazing and aluminium windows with insulated glass unit, the built form tries to achieve the requisite levels of visible light transmission and solar heat gain coefficient.

As the technical soundness in the planning parameters continues to impress, one is awed by the thought given to the maintenance aspect. Running parallel to the louvered screen is a metal platform for personnel to service the shading system. Utility of the catwalk is maximized through maintenance of the vertical garden as well. Credit goes to the architect as almost every space looks onto a lush green area, thereby keeping its inhabitants feeling fresh and energized.

Modular planning offering flexible office sizes from 100 to 500sq m, along with conference hall and food court, open plan offices with natural light streaming in, the complex offers a dream work environment. Equipped with fully air-conditioned spaces, provision of building management system, essential amenities like STP, DG backup, fire fighting system and adequate parking facility, the IT park has set the bar very high!

Photo credit: Ravi Chouhan


Client: Madhya Pradesh Audyogik Kendra Vikas Nigam (Indore) Limited (MPIDC), Regional Office, Indore

Design team: Shruti C Purohit, Dipti Vyas, Anupam Wankhede

Consultants: Arjav Upadhyay and Associates (Structural); Convenient Construction & Consultancy Pvt Ltd (MEPF)

Contractors: Kunal Structure (India) Pvt Ltd (KSIPL)

Built-up area: 2,00,000sq ft

Cost of project: Rs 54 crore

Year of completion: 2018