A Luxe Getaway

Project: Sayaji Hotel, Rajkot

Architects: Ar. Ishwar Gehi, Rajkot and Surat

The word ‘luxury’ falls short to describe the grand structure of Sayaji Hotel that stands as a landmark in Rajkot in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat. This new luxurious space is designed for the community where visitors of all kinds—hotel guests and the general public—can experience a fusion of royal and contemporary design elements. The site is located in one of the plush areas of Rajkot. On the east, west and south sides there is an open plot, while on the north side is a residential area in close proximity to the site. The client’s brief was to have a one-of-its-kind luxurious hotel. Hence, the planning was done in such a way that the design could offer luxury to the guests and meet the desiderata of the people visiting.

The exterior façade of the hotel is uniquely designed in a roof pattern. The ingression canopy is astronomically immense, about 40 feet in height with a unique play of the roof. The vertical LED strips in the façade light up  the area as dusk falls. Rajkot lies 128 m above sea level and the climate here is referred to as a local steppe type—there is hardly any rainfall all year long and the average annual temperature is 26.7 °C/80.1 °F. Hence, louvers have been utilised in the exterior facade on the west side for protection from harsh sun rays as well as for privacy. Ample usage of plantation, including date-palm trees, champa, Fiscus panda, helps maintain the temperature within.

The design of the hotel incorporates eight floors, wherein the ground floor is designed to have two banquet halls, a party lawn area, swimming pool, coffee shop, kitchen and wine shop with a separate entry. The Sapphire banquet hall is designed in a contemporary style with touches of extravagance and opulence. The adorned hanging lights in
the shape of umbrellas steal the show while complementing the grey and white Gallicha tiles. The private seating is partitioned with double-scaled brick arches allowing one to relish privacy. The Mahal banquet hall, on the other hand, combines elegance and royalty, luxurious and multifunctional contemporary spaces that can host a big crowd, thus making it ideal for any event. Mirrors embellish the area and make it appear more spacious. The customised royal gold-finish chandeliers that have become a mark of supreme luxury and flamboyance create a regal effect.

There is a colossal party lawn area on the ground floor—a wide, open-air space to celebrate your big day or host other events. Designed to embrace privacy, the pool abaft the banquet is positioned for tranquility and relaxation. It beckons the guests with its mesmerising mosaic of blue and a statue of Buddha enhancing the placidity of the space. The lush green here helps in maintaining the temperature of the astringent sunrays of Rajkot city. The cafeteria overlooking the swimming pool, with an exposed concrete ceiling, informal look and wooden finished tiles, provides a warm and rustic interior escape from the
hustle and bustle.

As we move up to the first floor, we are greeted with an exorbitant reception area. The vibrant colours, artifacts, sofas, lamps hanging from the roof and the central water fixture play a vital role to keep the royalty of the space intact. Since the reception area is the focal point, the endeavour was to bring out a striking balance between design and functionality.
On the second floor there are two uniquely designed restaurants—‘Horizon’ on the left side and ‘Craving’ on the right. Horizon restaurant offers a dramatic atmosphere in its interiors
by utilising natural bamboo that form spaces to dine and sit. Around 15,000 bamboos have been used that showcases an innovative use of natural materials. The natural bamboo has been integrated ingeniously in combination with A-class bricks, the finest finished bricks, allowing a play of shadow and light.

The glasses hung from the ceiling of the Craving restaurant, on the other hand, illuminates the space in a dramatic way. The customised five feet high glasses in blue-green and red exclusively installed in the kitchen area of the restaurant are an attention grabber. The combination of red, yellow, black and maroon artifacts on the walls makes the space genial.

Both the restaurants are connected to the open kitchens and both the kitchens are connected via a service corridor. The services in the hotel have been centralised: the service lift, service staircase, housekeeping areas and storeroom form the core of the hotel structure granting them facile access from all the major areas. A chic open-air restaurant here features a water body that disunites the exterior from the interior areas and maintains a pleasant mood with the green all around. An installation of solar lights in the area absorbs the daylight and illuminates during the dusk time. One can get a view of the entire hotel from here.

The suite rooms are vibrant and spacious with an ingress foyer, a living room, bedroom and luxurious bathroom with a hot tub and dressing area. The premium grand rooms occupy the third, fourth, fifth and seventh floors. The presidential rooms are royal and luxurious and offer a blissfully relaxing stay. The connecting corridors/passages stand out on their own with the flooring done in leather-finished yellow travertine Italian marble. The yellow and the woods on the third floor lend a warmth to the space, with lamps on the walls illuminating the way. The passage on the seventh floor is intriguingly designed with customised lamps and seating sanctioned for one to repose while traveling. The eighth floor has a royal touch with seating designed in the Maharaja style, while the colossal wall clock and artifacts, silver and copper lamps, and designer tiles give the area a dramatic effect. The design of the hotel doesn’t skimp on style and offers discerning travellers some serious luxe.


Client: VHV Group

Consultants: Structure design – Manish Doshi, Rajkot; PMC – Patwa Associates, Ahemdabad; Electric consultant – Aman Precision Products, Rajkot; ELV consultant – Rajinfo, Rajkot; HVAC – Design Tech, Ahmedabad; Plumbing consultant – Vimarsh, Ahmedabad; Kitchen consultant – Gouranga Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad

Site area: 7,168 sq m

Built up area: 14,234 sq m

Cost: INR 85 cr approx