A Dynamic Workspace

Project: Bosch, Koregaon Park, Pune

Architects: Ncube, New Delhi

Located in Pune, the design of the project resonates the key values of the company, ‘Invented for life, products that spark enthusiasm, improve quality of life and help conserve natural resources’. The company that has its roots in Germany, called for a design brief for their regional office in Pune with regional influences as the main ingredient for the employees to always feel at home.

Being a company that makes everything possible through the genius of design and engineering, the architects outlined a design approach that uses unusual, industrial elements such as furniture made out of automobiles, to create a sense of belonging in the space, while striking a balance between a workplace that is functional as well as quirky.

A layout was conceptualized with a strong emphasis on colours, textures, material, graphics and furniture, amalgamated in a manner to create the sublime feel of Pune. The design of the customer lounge creates visual interest and endows an identity to the space. The use of the traditional Indian element jaali as a filter of light and privacy has been used to accentuate the space with a neo-vernacular while adding a feeling of authenticity. The key work areas don a colourful baffle ceiling: a dexterous application that was used to combat acoustic problems and to create a mirage of colours which mirror the celebrated festivals of the city. The use of biophilia helps in softening the space, while creating a connection and humbling the experience of users, in order to lower stress levels and increase productivity. Recreation zones such as the cafeteria and amphitheatre have been designed to resonate positivity and encourage collaboration for larger team building activities. The use of an amphitheatre setting automatically creates the sense of a plaza. The choice of seating options, between chairs, barstools to the dramatic rickshaw seating and stepped seating in the amphitheatre, creates a thoroughly splendid and dynamic experience.

Photo credit: Prashant Bhat

Client: Bosch
Design Director: Saurabh Karhade
Design Team: Zeeshan Shaikh, Charuta Deshpande, Vikrant Parkar, John Cherian
Built-up area: 952sq m
Year of completion: 2018